ORSER, Avrupa Organik Sertifikasyon Kuruluşları Konseyi – EOCC üyesidir. European Organic Certifiers Council (EOCC)
ORSER, Uluslararası Organik Tarim Hareketleri Federasyonu (IFOAM) üyesidir.
ORSER, Organik ve İyi Tarım Uygulamalarında, ETO (Ekolojik Tarım Organizasyonu Derneği) üyesidir.


  • Published in the Official Gazette No. 27676 and dated on 10 August 2010, the regulation on the implementation of Principles of Organic Agriculture in accordance with the provisions of this regulation is made, and the second part of Appendix-11 of the product is certified organic raw materials and organic products which are marketed as organic product
  • The raw products, wholesale products, are a certified product. Otherwise the amount of sales of these items will drop. In addition, the authorized institution shall be notified within 7 days of the sale amount. Tracking stock is authorized by the organization.
  • Processed products regulated by the product certification. Product changes hands again, a new certificate will be issued. These products have the label and the organic product logo. Warehousing, wholesale sales, wholesale marketing and distribution entrepreneurs must issue the certification of production. Retail sales again, but the product can not be issued a certified product, existing product approved by the certificate along with a photocopy of entrepreneurs is accompanied by invoice and waybill. Certified copy of certificate of entrepreneurs on product sales made by the number of documents written and approved. This is the amount of sales of the authorized institution shall be notified within 7 days. Tracking stock is authorized by the organization.
  • Organic products, conventional and organic quality of the product are not interfering with the responsibility of protection of entrepreneurs engaged in the sale of organic products.
  • Providing  mediation services, products directly transferred to the final consumer or user of the natural or legal persons not do the import, production, and sources of natural products of the collection, harvesting, cutting, processing , sorting , packaging , labeling , preservation, storage and transport operations not do does not have to do with the condition of a body authorized a contract with.

Marketing of imported and exported goods:

  • Entrepreneurs who wish to import or export, in accordance with the provisions of national law is obliged to complete along with other documents refer to the relevant department of the Ministry.
  • Exports of organic products, the under secretariat of Foreign Trade, export of products are recorded, connected transactions are subjected to the list of products. For this reason, entrepreneurs, allows export documents connected to an instance where the union of exporters.
  • Organic Agriculture Law No. 5262 of the imported products as organic products domestically re-certificated. While re-certification of the product, check the country of origin and certification documenting the organization's accreditation process takes place within the scope of                      the law. However, production of the product to be imported, such as inspection and certification of the authorized organization to the re-certification process shall comply with the law. The law authorized the organization's accreditation is not available under the impossibility of re-certification.
  • Importer imports, as authorized by the organization, this organization will complete the required documents. In case of a body authorized by the adoption of the conformity of the current Turkish legislation are re-certified organic products. Re-certification by a body authorized to make the following information and documents requested. These are:
  • The importer of import activities, importer name, address, country of origin of the product, the products and the entry point for imported products to be used for storing documents detailed explanation about the suitability of buildings,
  • The other countries on the content of the product label and the original or notarized translations of all the information,
  • Import process will take place and how the documents containing the precautionary measures to be taken in case of violation,
  • The importer will be used by any other country, the presence of a tank, against the country that would be open to control by the authorized agency documents,
  • The amount of the relevant parties, the origin and structure, details of the mechanism of control, production, processing, packaging, storage, transport, process details, buyers, product certification, organic farming entrepreneur certificate, statement, where necessary, vendor, product for the annual control reports.
  • Authorized the above information and documents deemed necessary by the organization in addition to the information and documents may be requested. All information and documents to be submitted to the Ministry audits shall be maintained.


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