ORSER, Avrupa Organik Sertifikasyon Kuruluşları Konseyi – EOCC üyesidir. European Organic Certifiers Council (EOCC)
ORSER, Uluslararası Organik Tarim Hareketleri Federasyonu (IFOAM) üyesidir.
ORSER, Organik ve İyi Tarım Uygulamalarında, ETO (Ekolojik Tarım Organizasyonu Derneği) üyesidir.

About Us

ORSER Control and Certification Company

ORSER has been authorized by the Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock to work as a control and certification body in Organic Farming with a certificate dated 22.09.2005 and numbered 1639 (OF), and also to work in Good Farming Practices (GAP) with a certificate dated 01.04.2008 and numbered 052.

ORSER has also been accredited by the Turkish Accreditation Authority (TURKAK) in Organic Farming under the Organic Farming Law TR-5262 and the relevant regulations and EU legislation and regulations 834/07, 889/08; and authorized within the context of Good Agricultural Practices (ITU) according to TS ISO EN 17065 standard.

ORSER certifies the activities of the enterprises and producers covered by the certification by carrying out the necessary controls and evaluations in accordance with the national and international legislations that it is obliged to comply with all the technical aspects along with the principles of independence, impartiality, equality and confidentiality.

ORSER, ensures financial sustainability only from certification activity.

In the realization of these services, quality and trust are the principles that we can not give up.


ORSER carries out its certification activities after conducting necessary control and evaluations  on the activities of enterprises and producers by following rules including;
  •  Independence,
  •  Impartiality,
  •  Equality,
  •  Privacy
along with all technical aspects of the the national and international legislations that it is obliged to comply with.


In addition to contributing to the development of organic agriculture and good agricultural practices in Turkey, ORSER aims to compete in terms of quality with national and international companies in the sector primarily in our close neighbors and in the European Union countries where our certified products are exported. Also, In addition to EU equivalence, NOP, BIOSUISS, JASS and GLOBALGAP accreditation are targeted. With regard to carrying out the control and certification activities, ORSER considers the QUALITY and RELIABILITY principles as a base.


Since our establishment until today, the projects we have carried out in Organic Agriculture and Good Agricultural Practices in different regions of our country within the scope of animal husbandry, plant production, beekeeping, wild collection, import, processing and organic input are our references for the future.


Address : Prof. Dr. Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Mah. 2842. Sokak No:4
Çayyolu- Çankaya / ANKARA 06810
Phone: 0312 438 15 60 - 0312 441 85 83
Fax : 0312 438 15 59
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