ORSER, Avrupa Organik Sertifikasyon Kuruluşları Konseyi – EOCC üyesidir. European Organic Certifiers Council (EOCC)
ORSER, Uluslararası Organik Tarim Hareketleri Federasyonu (IFOAM) üyesidir.
ORSER, Organik ve İyi Tarım Uygulamalarında, ETO (Ekolojik Tarım Organizasyonu Derneği) üyesidir.

Organic Crop Production

The same type and variety of products produced with organic farming practices or conventional products which are indistinguishable from these products shall not be produced in the same farm, exluding some exceptional circumstances which are listed in organic farming regulations.

Propagating material (seeds, saplings, seedlings, etc.) must be genetically unmodified, the DNA sequence within the fertilized cell nucleus shall not be interferred. Synthetic pesticides which are intended to be used as seeds, shall comply the biological characteristics as not treated by radiation or microwave, and must be produced in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation. 

The use of Fertilizers,  Soil Improvement and Plant Protection materials/products are permitted according to the Regulation on Principles and Application of Organic Farming, published in the Official Gazette No: 27676 and dated 10 August 2010.

Organic crop production requires making a contract with inspection and certification bodies and is carried out under the control of these organizations. 

After the contract is signed, the entrepreneur (producer) who will make organic crop production is elevated to transition period. The transition period is a two year period for annual crops, pasture and forage crops and a three - year period for perennial crops. Planting date for annual crops and harvesting date are considered for perennial plants.

Inspection and certification or control agent may extend or shorten the transition period according to the land use situation in previous years such as the farm practices, and the general situation in the region and products grown, risk status, records and reports kept by the producer organization. 


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