ORSER, Avrupa Organik Sertifikasyon Kuruluşları Konseyi – EOCC üyesidir. European Organic Certifiers Council (EOCC)
ORSER, Uluslararası Organik Tarim Hareketleri Federasyonu (IFOAM) üyesidir.
ORSER, Organik ve İyi Tarım Uygulamalarında, ETO (Ekolojik Tarım Organizasyonu Derneği) üyesidir.


  • To perform cultivation on the properties of water, entrepreneur, or control and / or certification body authorized by the organization to the appropriateness of the analysis is confirmed by applying. If there is contamination, the problem can be made without eliminating the production of aquatic products.
  • Farming unit, which is an important source of pollution in the settlement should not be, or stream bed. Water to be used in business, the receipt be stable source of ecological balance. Pool area at least 5% of production at fish farms on the type of intervention is possible without the development of natural vegetation.
  • The aquaculture permit from the Ministry following the control and / or the entrepreneur who makes a contract with the certification body is the process of transition.
  • Water production, environmental protection must be appropriate, waste should not harm the environment, biological diversity is encouraged, with the choice of species and sub-species adapted to local conditions and capacities should be taken into consideration, all precautions should be taken for the protection of the water structure.
  • Water organisms produced in accordance with the rules of organic farming, organically produced feed and feed additives used in feed. Fish fillets with synthetic ingredients not natural coloring methods available.
  • to ensure that the nutritional requirements of fishery products, nutritional supplements necessary to use some of the vitamins and minerals control and / or authorization to be granted certification based on your ticket can be used. Age of feeds is not allowed.
  • Feed and other nutrients derived from genetically modified derivative products or in part, may not contain additives and supplemental materials.
  • Must comply with the rules of organic agriculture in the area where fish feed.
  • Inventory control by species to breeding density and / or certification is determined by your ticket.
  • Training requirements as fish species should enable natural behavior. Shipping phase, adverse climate conditions and the use of liquid oxygen are prohibited except for hatcheries.
  • Organic aquaculture, genetically altered animals.


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